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04. Gilbert & Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance

In their first full production, Encore Theatre Company, Etc. is proud to present Gilbert and Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance. With it's rollicking tunes, extreme characters, and a sizable dose of humor,Pirates is not to be missed. There will also be a wonderful pre-show acted and staffed entirely by youth, The Pied Piper and the Pesky Pirates.
The Pirate King  - Gregg Irwin
Samuel - Jaeson Rogers
Frederic - Byron Ritchens
Ruth - Christina Krespach
Edith - Diana Rogers
Kate - Jenny Davenport
Isabel - Collette Purcell
Mabel - Amy Marmel
Major General Stanley - Jeff Young
Police Sergeant - Jonathan Perry

Fast Flask Jack - Alex Brewer
Boot-Strap Bill - Bill Henscheid
Skag - Paul Kinzler
Handsome Pete - Matthew Mangeac
Notango - Ben Moote
Hawkeye - Maria Thompson
Morgan - Travis Tyson

Ramona - Elizabeth Henscheid
Belle - Heather Ballantyne
Josephine - Marily Black
Emilia - Terasa McLaughlin
Lydia - Carrie Waite

Police Private Bert - Paul Black
Police Private Kiester - Brian Gibeault
Police Private Ryan - James Irwin
Police Private Shaw - Ben Moote
Police Private Leonard - Tom Newby
Police Trainee Bob - Lyle Sample
Production Staff
Director - Jonathan "One Eyed Jack" Perry Choreographer - Stacy "Dance the Can-Can" Irwin Director's Assistant - Cyndi "Don't Mess With Me" Rogers Asst. Director - Gregg "Long-John Black-Beard Peg-Leg Patch-Eye Hook" Irwin
Scenic Designer/Production Asst. - Venessa "Handy Jill" Henscheid
Costumer - Bobbi Carlson
Costume Assistant/Props Master - Nichole LaRae
Music Coach - Collette Purcell
Set Design - Pat Carlson
Set Captain - Bill Henscheid
Accountant - Marlana Salazar
Sound - Tiffany "Treasure Kickin" Kinzler
Sound Assistant - Dale Moote
Spot Light - Dorraine "Dead Eye" Denney
Lighting Design/Operator - Rick "Cut-Throat Gobo" Strader
House Manager - Jenna Poe/Geren Manley
Set Construction - Bill & Venessa Henscheid, Cast, & Joe Pepply

Conductor - Nathan Nichols Concertmaster - Diane C. Shelton Violin 2 - Becky Schrepple Viola - Susan Pliler; Katie Webster Cello - David Wynkoop Oboe - Svea Van Atter Flute/Piccolo - Kirsten Myers Trumpet - Kimberly Larson Piano - Wendy Quarve Clarinet - Laurel Muenchausen