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09. Pippi Longstocking:

Music & Lyrics by Sebastian
Based on the Novel by Astrid Lindgren
Adapted by Sebastian & Staffan Gotestam
Translated by Philip Edmonds
Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Cast (in order of appearance)

Pippi Longstocking                     BreAnna Behrman

Pippi's Horse                                         Staci Thorne

Mr. Nelson (Monkey)                             Sasha Perry

School Mistress                                    Kayla Young

Tommy (neighbor boy)              Stephan Thompson

Annika (neighbor girl)                           Elise Moote

Mrs. Prysselius                                     Martha Miles

Circus Ringmaster                          Doug Brinkman

Miss Carmencitia                    Elizatbeth Henschied

Mighty Adolf                                         Kyle Young

Pajazzo                                                    James Irwin

Bloom                                                     Gaye Young

Thunder                                         Caleb Calascione

Constable Cling                                   Diana Rogers

Constable Clang                             Doug Brinkman,

Mrs. Granberg                                    Sharon North

Mrs. Settergreen                                       Jodi Perry

Maid                                                      Katie Adams

Captain Longstocking                       Jonathan Perry

Company (in alphabetical order)

Adeleine Calascione,

Audra Edwards,

Becki Rogers, ,

Brila Potter,

Cameron Bryant,

David Young,

Evan Young,

Jennica Young,

Jeweliana Perry,

Krista Gaona,

Maike Munden,

Melissa Fitzen,

Kipley McDonald,

Tyauna Potter,

Sarah Bell,

Kylie Thorne,

Jared Moote,

Teresa Moote,

Sarah Rogers,

Silas Peppley,

Solomon Peppley,

Chasitie Thompson,

Production Staff

Director                                            Gregg Irwin

Assistant Director                             Jonathan Perry

Choreographer                                 Lori Zechmann

Vocal Coach                                      Tracey A. Calascione

Rehearsal Pianists                             Dee Dee Vickers & Amy Bell

Set Design                                         Venessa Henscheid

Recording Musician                          Margie Koening

Set Foreman                                      Bill Henscheid

Costumes                                          Tracey A. Calascione,

                                                          Bobbi Carlson

Production Assistant                         Maria Thompson

Stage Manager                                   Joe Peppley

Stage Hands                                       Katie Waller, Ian Perry,

                                                          Mindy Warren, Dani Roberts

                                                          Gudrun Boron, Svea VanAtter


Special Thanks to

Bryce Quarve - Director NNU Conference & Events

Rick Strader - Brandt Center Technical Director

Margie Koening - Albertson College of Idaho Vocal Teacher

Neil Thorne & Thorne Printing

Idaho Power

Gweneth & George Irwin

Penny Dunlap

Linda Behrman & Sharon North

Kathy Headley - Realtor, Coldwell Banker

Corey Barton Homes

Jeff & Gaye Young - Character Depot