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18. Amahl and the Night Visitors

by Gian Carlo Menotti


Teresa Moote  - Amahl -
Paula St. James – Amahl’s Mother
Gary R. Stringam – Melchior
Karl Black - Balthazar
Dr. Loren Francis – King Kasper
Todd Maxey – The Page
Jennifer Dunn
Donna Fitzen
Brindy Francis
Martha Miles
Holli Pool
Cari Adams
Jill Best
Betty Dufur
Sheree’ Martin
Shay Poulsen
Theresa Rainsdon
Vick Ramussen
Tama Stuki
Wendy Winston
Kaisley Pool
Abbie Stucki
Dale Moote
Steve Murray
Jeff Young
David Young
Nathan Black
Joe Millard
Mitch Pryor
Greg Rasmussen

Amahl and the Night Visitors

Ken Wayman

Oboe - Ben Francis
Piano - Toni Stringam
Keyboard - Kathleen Good

Production Staff
Director          Sylvia Pool
Set Design and Construction        Bob Ecker
Choreographer         Stacy Irwin
Costumer       Tracey Calascione
Nampa Civic Center Staff  LaVar Rivers, Dave

Special thanks to the Women’s Century Club of Nampa

About Amahl
In the fall of 1951, Gian Carlo Menotti wandered gloomily through the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art trying to take his troubled mind off the responsibility that was tormenting him.

A few years earlier, the National Broadcasting Company had asked him to compose a one-act opera for television.  Since he had already written several well-received productions and had fulfilled commissions for everything from ballets to operas, the assignment seemed perfectly feasible.  He agreed to submit the opera in time for a Christmas Eve production in 1951.

But for some reason, he could not come up with a story.  He tried and tried, discarded theme after theme.  Then something about one of the paintings caught his eye, the work was “The Adoration of the Three Kings” by Hieronymus Bosch, a fifteenth-century Dutch painter. Three kings, robed in regal glory, offered the Child sumptuous gifts. 

Then he remembered.  At age four, he was lame.  The doctors could not cure what they called a “White tumor” in his leg, and it was difficult for him to walk.  His governess was a woman named Maria and she was blessed with great faith in God, which gave her strength and understanding.   She knew of a church high in the nearby Lugano Mountains, the Madonna del Monte, where it was said God worked miracles.  She asked him:  “Gian Carlo, do you believe God can heal you?”  He nodded in earnest conviction and so his dear Maria took him into the mountains to the place of God and he was healed.

A picture began to form in Menotti’s mind.  It was the boy Amahl leaning on a crude wooden crutch.  Of course!  He was lame, as Gian Carlo had been.  He needed a healing and the story would be the miracle of the healing that comes when Amahl offers his crutch as a gift to the Christ Child.

“Inspiration,” says Menotti, “how can one define it?”
“It is as if God would send you a momentary flash of total recall – but a recall of what?”  “Both St Augustine and Plato have spoken of beauty as ‘divine perfection,’ Only a few lucky artists can achieve that state of grace that allows them to have a fleeting glimpse of this beauty.  Was I one of the lucky ones?  Perhaps I was.”


Encore Theatre Company, Etc. - Board of Directors

Jonathan Perry, Martha Miles, Lezlie Thorne,  Bill Henscheid, Donna Fitzen, Marlana Salazar, Patricia Walker White