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21. Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas

A Drama by Laurie Brooks

Produced by special arrangement withTHE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY of Woodstock, Illinois

In their poorest winter ever, when the crops have been devastated by locusts and the family must deal with the death of baby Freddie, Charles Ingalls backtracks his family to Burr Oak, Iowa, to take over the running of a hotel. And if things weren't bad enough, Ma tells Laura she must be nice to Johnny Steadman, "the worst boy in Iowa." When wealthy Mrs. Starr asks for Laura as a companion to read to her in the afternoons, Laura is overjoyed to be invited into such a fine house, but when she overhears Mrs. Starr offer to adopt Laura as her own daughter to ease the burden of so many children, Laura is certain that Ma and Pa will give her up. As Christmas morning approaches, Laura is faced with a decision: Will she choose what she believes is best for the family or will she find a way to stay with Pa, Ma, Mary and Carrie? This original play presents the poignant story of the "missing" two years in the life of the Ingalls family the only substantial period that Laura chose not to write about in her Little House books. Told with period songs, humor and depth of character, A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas tells a story of healing that celebrates the importance of enduring family bonds. 

Director Jodi Perry 

Produced by special arrangement with THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY of Woodstock, Illinois

Cast List

Name                                                         Role
Laura Ingalls                                            Emily Bell
Mary Ingalls                                             Sarah Bell
Carrie Ingalls                                            Hanah Hazel
Caroline Ingalls                                        Lezlie Thorne
Charles Ingalls                                         Lloyd Dunn
Johnny Steadman                                   Sam Slusser
Mrs. Starr                                                  Lisa Mathott
Caroler                                                       Jeff Young
Caroler                                                       Joe Millard
Caroler                                                       Jodi Perry
Caroler                                                       Jeweliana Perry

A preshow
Cast List

Introduction Elf                                       Maddy Bell
The Scrooge Patrol
Officer                                                       Steve Allison
Gladys                                                       Crystal Allison
The Sweat Shop
Francine                                                    Susie Bell
Annette                                                      Shauntal Pyper
Shopper Stopper
Announcer                                                Sasha Perry
 Tree Talk 
Angel Ornament                                      Alison Terry
Candy Cane Ornament                          Krista Montierth
Ball Ornament                                         Asia Stein
Toy Soldier Ornament                            Chloe Lampman
Little Boy                                                  Jake Bell
The Christmas Quiz
Announcer                                                Maria Carrier
Ms. Noz-it-all                                            Rebecca Carrier
Scrooge and Marley
Scrooge                                                      Steve Allison
Marion                                                       Havilah Stone
Little Scrooge                                           Jake Bell
Bully #1                                                     Garrett Lampman
Bully #2                                                     William Thompson
Marley                                                       Ian Perry
Tiny Tim                                                   Maddy Bell
Narrator                                                     Kylie Thorne

Production Crew
Director:                                                    Jodi Perry
Green Show Director                               Maria Thompson
Green Show Stage Assistant                  Maggie Hazel
Producer                                                    Bill Henscheid
Lighting                                                     Jonathan Perry and Susie Bell  
Set Design                                                 Patrick Carlson and Bill Henscheid
Costumes:                                                 Bobbie Carlson
Make up                                                    Character Depot
Sound                                                        Jonathan Perry, Bill and Venessa Henscheid
Marketing                                                 Gaye Young, Venessa Henscheid, Bobbie Carlson  

Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas