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30. As You Like It

As You Like It 
by William Shakespeare 
directed by Jonathan Perry
This play's setting is Roaring Twenties.


Rosalind is the daughter of a banished duke. When her uncle, Duke Frederick, is suddenly angered, the girl is forced to flee for the Forest of Arden lest she risk being executed by her malevolent uncle. Joining Rosalind on her flight to the forest is her sympathetic cousin Celia, who helps to pass Rosalind off as a man in order to avoid detection. Later, Rosalind's clever ruse begins to serve a dual purpose when she determines to use the disguise to gauge the devotion of Orlando, yet another exile, in the Forest of Arden.

•Duke Frederick & Duke Senior - Mitch Barker 
•Rosalind - Lindsay Kline 
•Celia - Caitlin Bauder 
•Touchstone - Rick Lopez 
•Le Beau - Jed King
•Charles - Kurtis McConnell 
•Jaques - Jodi Perry 

Encore's As You Like It

•Amiens - Merilee Glass
•First Lord - Linda Blount
•Second Lord - Amaris King
•Page 1 - Allison Walker White
•Page 2 - Melanie Todor
•Oliver - Tyler Whitt
•Jacques de Boys - Sasha Perry
•Orlando - Gabriel Woodworth
•Adam - Michelle Maendl
•Phebe - Shanee Knerr
•Silvius - Ezaquiel Lorta
•Audrey - Karen Christensen
•Corin - Doug Brinkman
•William - Jed King
•Sir Oliver Martext - Jewels Perry 
•Company:Lords and ladies; Pages and musicians 
Katherine Irwin 
Felicity King 
Ashley Maendl 
Heidi Thomas 


Jonathan Perry:     Director
Stacy Irwin:           Choreographer
Janeil Pluim
:         Stage Manager
Bobbi Carlson
:     Costumer
Sarah Hofhine
:     Dramaturge
Bill Henscheid
:     Set Construction
Vanessa Henscheid
:     Set Artist
JeNeale Gunnell
:     Assistant Stage Manager