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58 A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol
Adapted by Michael Paller
Directed by Jodi Perry
December 12, 13, 19, 20


Richard Durrington- Ebenezer Scrooge

Mitch Barker - Charles Dickens

Kristy  Leigh Lussier - Ghost of Christmas Past 

Dustin Murphy - Ghost of Christmas Present

Erik Shields - Ghost of Christmas Future

Shaun Vincent - Jacob Marley

Tony Shuck - Fred, Undertaker

Rebecca Stucki - Fred's wife

Lee Vander Boegh - Topper, Musician, Dicken's Family

Amanda Jensen - Fred's Sister-in-law, Dicken's Family

Aidan Jensen - Boy with Turkey

Brent Gunnell - Bob Cratchit

JeNeale Gunnell - Mrs. Cratchit

Jensen Gunnell - Fan

Ethan Knopp - Peter Cratchit, Musician

Carolyn Gruver - Martha Cratchit

Delrae Heberger - Belinda Cratchit, Dicken's Family

Jordan Shuck - Tiny Tim, Dicken's Family

Greg Loper - Fezziwig, Solicitor

Dylan Loper - Young Scrooge

Raven Weinstein - Belle

Solomon Peppley - Young Ebenezer

Nate Paine - Solicitor

Harold Keech - Dick

Steve Allison - Old Joe

Crystal Allison - Charwoman

Kathy Rogers-Roy - Mrs. Dilber,  Dicken's Family

Alison Stucki -  Chorus

Caryn Stucki - Chorus

Dallin Stucki - Chorus 



Jodi Perry - Director

Shaun Vincent - Assistant Director

Aidan Riordan-Buell - Choreographer

Travis Gamble - Sound Design

Nate Paine - Stage Manager

Bobbi Carlson - Costumes