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61. Much Ado About Nothing

Beatrice The niece of Leonato  Diana Cayler
Benedick A gentleman soldier  Joseph Stevenson
Claudio A young soldier  Nate Paine
Hero The young daughter of Leonato,  Cameo Goodson
Don Pedro A Prince from Aragon Richard Durrington
Leonato The father of Hero  Doug Clemens
Dona Joan/Sexton Don Pedro’s half sister  Aubrielle Holly
Margaret Hero’s serving woman,  Melinda Stillman
Borachio An associate of Dona Joan Dylan Loper
Conradetta An associate of Dona Joan Raven Weinstein
Dogberry Canadian Mountie Brent Gunnell
Verges Deputy to Dogberry Steve Allison
Balthasar Musician in Leonato’s household Dave Stillman
Ursula One of Hero’s waiting women. Crystal Allison
Hugh Oatcake Boy Scout Emmit Stevenson
Friar Francis  Minister Doug Brinkman
Georgie Seacoal Girl Scout Marissa Clemens

Jonathan Perry
Director's Assistant

Angie Carlson
Bobbi Carlson


Weather Policy

We perform at the outdoor lawn at Northwest Nazarene University. Since our lighting and sound equipment is not protected or secured like other outdoor theatres, we are sometimes at the mercy of the weather. Because bad weather can change to good quickly, performances will not be canceled before the scheduled curtain time. If the weather is only slightly rainy or windy, we will continue the performance. If the final performance is cancelled, we will make an effort to perform on the following evening (though, we cannot guarantee that ability).

1. The Auditions

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2. Rehearsing in the rain

Rehearsal in the Rain

3. Focus on Actors: Marissa Clemens

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May 7, 2015, 1:07 PM