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47. Hamlet

In 2009, Encore Theatre Company and the Nampa Civic Center teamed up to create “Shakespeare’s Garden”. A Shakespeare festival for the west end of the Treasure Valley made up of local actors and designed to accessible to an audience unfamiliar with The Bard. Now in it’s fourth year, Shakespeare’s Garden presents Shakespeare’s masterpiece of drama, Hamlet.
A murder most foul, demands revenge!
A ghostly appearance sends Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark into a psychological tailspin.
“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”
Hamlet’s father has died and his mother married the new king, Hamlet’s uncle within two weeks. Now Hamlet’s father haunts him, demanding revenge for his death by the hands of Claudius and Hamlet must decide if he should murder Claudius or accept the world as it has becoming. "To be or not to be, that is the question".

This version of Hamlet is set against the backdrop of a Victorian industrial age, the characters are portrayed as visions of Jules Verne’s fiction, sometimes called the Steampunk genre.

Patrons may bring blankets or chairs. (Chairs will also be available.) Patrons may bring food to the performance. Refreshments are also available at the venue.


Hamlet               Joseph Stevenson
Claudius             Skip Carter
Polonius             Rick Lopez
Ophelia              Sarah Howard
Gertrude              Jodi Perry
Rosencrantz         Mitch Barker
Guildenstern         Doug Clemens
Marcellus/Player   Charissa Dufour
Osrick                  Kait Newberry
Bernardo              Victor Thorne
Horatio                 Nate Paine
Fransisco/Gravedigger         Kyle Woodworth
2nd Player/1st Sailor     Michelle Maendl
Player                 Abigail Maendl
Player                Jensen Gunnell
Laertes              Jeremiah Mathot
Captain/Player    Mindi Gowers
Ghost                Ben Gowers
1st Player/Grave Superviser     Ashley Taggart
Priest                 Brent Gunnell

Director:    Jonathan Perry
Assistant: JeNeale Gunnell
Costumer: Bobbi Carlson
Sound:      Gregg Irwin
Design:     Oli Sorenson

Pre Shows
The Edit - Ben Gowers as the editor, Victor Thorne as William Shakespeare
The Triune Diminutive Pigs - The Players