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Yes Virginia

Yes Virginia, The Musical
by Wesley Whatley and William Schermerhorn

Directed by Jonathan Perry

  “Yes, Virginia the Musical,” is based on an animated, nonmusical television special, “Yes, Virginia,”

   Both the stage show and TV special were inspired by the famous 1897 New York Sun editorial which answered a letter written by 8-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon, who wrote to the newspaper asking if there is a Santa Claus.
Performance Dates and Times
 Friday  November 29  4:00pm
 Saturday  November 30  2:00pm
 Saturday  November 30  6:00pm
@The Nampa Civic Center

    311 Third St. South
     Nampa, ID 83651



Name                         Characters

Kara Storaci                Miriam the Librarian

Kim Fitzen                   Virginia

Rebekah Storaci          Ollie

Dustin Kirkpatrick        Scraggly Santa

Greg Loper                 Mr. Church

Lanae Hartley              Charlotte

Casidee Ballantyne      Mrs. Whiskers

Ben Mathot                 Kanakaloka

Dylan Loper                Gaghant Baba

Rachel Overman          Sinterklaas

Heidi Lint                    Ded Moroz

Megan Kirkpatrick       Jultomten

Megs Walker White      Father Christmas

Isabella Merrill             Pere Noel

Greg Loper                 Santa

Alayna Overman          Newsie

Katrina Elliot               Newsie

Abygail Ballantyne       Newsie

Jensen Gunnell            Newsie

Makayah Hall              Newsie

Logan Fitzen               Newsie

Lilia McArthur              Newsie

Rachel Bernhardt         Newsie

Brianna Bernhardt        Newsie

Phieffer Rigby             Newsie

Trulie Rigby                 Newsie

Moriya Ballantyne        City Dweller

Hanah Kirkpatrick        City Dweller

Maggie Cerda             City Dweller

Molly Cerda                City Dweller

Donna Fitzen               Nanny

Heather Ballantyne       Poor Mother/Fruitcakes

Ann Hartley                 Turkey Seller

Molly Kirkpatrick         Crippled girl

Karli Hall                     dog

Jay J Scott                 Jolly Gentleman



Patricia Walker White   Producer

Jonathan Perry            Director

Sylvia Pool                 Music Director

Carolina McArthur        Choreographer

Bobbi Carlson             Costumes                              

Sharon Larson             Sound

Pat the Lightman         Lighting

Bryon Merrill                Stage Crew



December, 1897.  A New York City Square.