October 9, 2014

Dear Friends of Encore,

I am here to ask for your help. I am going to ask you for a financial donation.

Encore has very rarely ever held a fundraising campaign. In the past, we have tried to tie fundraising to actually selling shows. Our last production of Macbeth was offered for free, but we actually did financially better than we have done for any of the past Shakespeare shows when we charged $10. The fact is that the past few years have been financially lean.

We now find ourselves in an operating deficit. We want to begin two Christmas productions and a winter production, but do not have the funds to pay for the basic needs.

We are raising $2000 to put us on a more solid footing into the upcoming year.

I am personally asking you to give $10-$100 to help keep Encore on a strong footing.

Go to our website www.EncoreEtc.org and select the “Donate Online” link.

Thank you,

Jonathan Perry
Managing Artistic Director
Encore Theatre Company, Etc.
(208) 861-8839

EncoreEtc @ gmail.com

Please feel free to personally contact me if you have any questions.